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photos match reusel op 17-10-10

photos testing gierle op 16-10-10


testing of tygo(nestmate of tarik)ph1 405
testing of flits (nestmate of tarik) ph1 435

diensthonden oefendag
knpv oefendag
mechelse herder dax

tarik has his policdog certificate PH1 knpv 436/440

On the 24th of october I went to a testing for policedogs 1 knvp in Geldrop for the first time with my male dog Tarik, he will be 2,5 years old next month!
I picked number 2, that's a very good number according to me.
It started with the searching, jumping and then the following. This is were I lost my first point because the dog ran a bit in front of me during the loose walk.
Both revier exercises were good, so as the rest of the morning.
In the afternoon the stealing started bad because he came so hard on the stick in the middle on the chest and he had to retake his bite and after the relaese he showed a pretty good 'afterbite'. This costed us 2 points ...
I really had the feeling that he was loosing control but during a testing you can't do much more so we went to the next exercise. This went outstanding

after the defending I was waiting for the testing master to give the stopsign (this is given to the helper and not to me!). When he finally gave the sign to release I realized that I wasn't far enough from the helper.
I corrected myself before I called 'Loose' but the harm was done. 1 point for the way of bringing forward.
Then the calling back, an exercise I underestimated and for me one of the most difficult exercises but everything went well.
Biking wasn't a problem and this is one of the more easy exercises. Of course it's very exciting until the last exercise: the appearance. Luckely this also went well.
After all I was glad this day was over and I'm very proud of my result with my first dog of 436/440 points.

pictuers of the morning

pictuers of the afternoon



my new dog sara(bitch)

photos ipo training



tarik couragetest 2008




 sam couragetest 2007