The breeding of Belgian Sheperd dogs (Malinois) is even more difficult than training and breaking these dogs.

Breeding is about making choices and so you need to have a lot of knowledge of dogs before you can start breeding, for example:

* which male dog am I going to use
* sport or duty dog
* with or without pedigree

What do I mean by a good Belgian Sheperd (Malinois)?

* has to be social towards man and animal
* free, not afraid and stable
* courage to bite, place and time doesn’t matter
* good urge to guard and defend
* wants to work
* in very good health and shape
* free of stick and shot

Just in a few words: “A dog that never lets you down.”

To breed you always need a female dog, one that has a lot of natural qualities and such dogs are hard to find. I’ve already had 4 female dogs and I’ve just breeded one nest of puppies.

So meanwhile I’ve locked away my ambition to breed because I couldn’t find a female that’s worthy enough to breed.

A few good remarks:

* Look before you leep
* It’s better to lose your sleep over something you’re going to do than over something you’ve already done
* to breed you need a surplus of natuaral qualities (male and female dog)
* Breeding is improving not multiplying
* You can’t buy an excellent dog, you have to train it