Welcome to my website

I'm active in dog sports since 1994.

At that time I had a Rotweiler of 3 years old and a friend of mine went to a dog school with his Doberman. So I went along to have a look, we went to the IPO club in Geel - Stelen. Immediately I felt welcome and my dog could join in to do some bitework. This went so well that people didn't believe it was the dog's first time. But so it was.

One let to the other and because a Rotweiler isn't the best (easiest) dog to train, I decided to take a second dog. My choice was a German Sheperd, a female with the name Sara. I trained this dog to IPO1 and afterwards I sold her. Meanwhile I changed club because I wanted to become 'biteworker' and that wasn't possible at my first club. So I became member of club 'Het Breven" (Jefke Seyen). Again I got a warm welcome and besides that I also got the chance to fulfill my dream because I was trained by Jef himself. That's why I got my licence and I've done some competitions under the supervision of Eddy Grootenhuizen. During my time there I've tried to train another German Sheperd, a male. But soon I realized that German Sheperds and IPO weren't my kind of thing. So I left this club with a lot of regrets

From than I switched on to Belgian Sheperd Dogs (Malinois) and took my first steps in Ring Sport n.v.b.k. at the club in Geel. Soon it became clear that this dog couldn't messure up to my expectations in this sport and I took another dog namely Rik. But after 8 months I realized that this one wasn't suitable either. I'm not easily satisfied about a dog. So again I bought another one(Sam) and switched club. This dog wasn't quite right for Ring Sport because his bite / grip wasn't firm enough and so you lose points. But for me this was a very good dog and that was enough reason to quite Ring Sport.

A bit later I started training at n.v.d.v. in Gierle (Sooi Francken). A dog's bite wasn't the most important aspect here because each dog followed a program for duty dogs. Me and my dog trained a lot and we've even done some competitions. Meanwhile I followed lessons to become inspector. But again I wasn't satisfied about my (dog's) achievemants.

So I searched for something else. That wasn't easy because I've did almost everything possible in Belgium. I went abroad to the Netherlands at the k.n.p.v. This is a complete program and a new challenge.They also sell dogs when that have a PH1 certificate. And because I'ld rather train dogs instaid of playing competitions, this is perfect for me.

i have my first certification ph1 436/440 points